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Why is Dog Sitting Company Good Company for Your Pets and Home?

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We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and take pride in the ongoing relationships we have with our clients. For us, no job is too big or too small to take on. Keep in mind, we have your best interest at heart – it is our duty to make sure you are pleased with your sitting service experience.

Nothing is more precious than family, and that includes the beloved pets that fill our lives with love, joy and companionship. In fact, we go to great lengths to make sure our furry friends are always healthy, happy and loved as much as they love us. That ethos provides the foundation for the care we provide to our clients when caring for their pets and home.


Our mission is to love & care for your pets and home as much as you do

It’s important that you feel secure in knowing that your pets never feel your absence when you are away. How does Dog Sitting Company achieve this ethos? First, every person on our team loves and has great empathy for all living creatures. Next we provide peace of mind in the service we provide: Whether you have a puppy that is still being potty trained or an old pooch that needs regular medicine, we are there for you. In fact, our team is on 24 hour back up – our sitters are fully insured and managed – unlike independent sitters typically found on sites Rover and Wag. and you get daily updates through text. And we provide the human normalcy your pets need and crave daily along with the security of someone being in the home while you are away. Unlike the shock value and potential health hazards associated with kennels and the like, our clients always know they can be confident and comfortable with the service we provide. 

Never trust just anyone
to stay in your home